Why the Boeing 767 Rocks

To my the best of my knowledge, I have flown in the following aircraft:

  • Airbus A319
  • Airbus A320
  • Boeing 737
  • Boeing 747
  • Boeing 757
  • Embraer E-190
  • Embraer ERJ-135/140/145
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-80

But by far, my favorite plane to fly in is the Boeing 767.

Whereas the smaller planes I listed can feel cramped, and the B747 cold and sparse, the B767, at least to me, strikes the right balance between comfortable familiarity and spacious roominess.  As an example, I have never been a fan of planes with more than three seats per row, especially towards the ends of the fuselage when trying to go to the bathroom from a window seat can be a complete pain in the butt.  While the majority of the planes I listed fail in this instance [as they usually come in a 3-3 or 3-4-3 configuration], the B767 usually comes in a 2-3-2 configuration, something that makes me feel like less of a jerk whenever I need to relieve myself.

It certainly helps that the times I flew in a B767 were the result of a memorable trip:

  • Iberia: Going on an orchestra tour of the Mediterranean regions of Europe and Africa back in the summer of 2001.
  • American: Visiting my older brother on two occasions when he lived in San Jose, CA back in 2003.
  • Delta: Going on a brief study abroad stint to Firenze back in 2004 when I was enrolled in college.
  • Asiana: Travelling to Central Asia back in the summer of 2004.

It would be nice to eventually fly aboard one or more of the following planes:

  • Airbus A330
  • Airbus A340
  • Boeing 747-8
  • Boeing 777
  • Boeing 787

Until then, the Boeing 767 holds the crown in my book.


3 responses to “Why the Boeing 767 Rocks

    • @Rory, one of my concerns with the A380 is safety.


      The plane’s initial rollout is reminding me of how it took forever for Amtrak’s premium Acela trains [in the Northeast region of the US] to get themselves sorted out before being deemed “safe.”

      Also, I have only flown economy and yet to be upgraded; I can only imagine how awesome it was to fly business class on the A380, and on Emirates no less.

      • Fair enough but since it started flying my dream was to fly on it and nothing was going to stop me.
        As for the rest of your list I have flown on the 777 which I was impressed with but also have yet to the fly on the 747-8 or the 787. Hopefully soon but I’m not sure I’ll be travelling much this year as I did so much last year, time to save again.

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