Dilemma, sorta…

Every time I process a [rewards-earning] credit card for a customer, I’m conflicted:


  • On one hand, I as a merchant know that even though charged transactions bring in a good amount of volume, a bunch of other [unknown] parties are getting a piece of the transaction [due to interchange fees for one] and subsequently “screwing” me over, more so if the customer uses an American Express, World [Elite] MasterCard, and/or a Visa Signature.


  • On the other hand, I as a consumer do the same thing on a regular basis, even if it starts to make me feel more and more uncomfortable every time I do so.
    • On a similar note, esp. for the rewards-earning cards, do I REALLY want to screw someone over from earning cash back, obtaining a few nights at a five-star resort property, and/or flying first class on a top tier airline? Who in their right mind would not want that after working their asses off non-stop?

You can imagine, then, the mixed reaction whenever I see certain metal charge/credit cards:




  • Ahh s***, fees galore…
  • Ooo la la…
  • Make that time off worth it!

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